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Our Services

Our services come from ordering raw material, creating cutting patterns, assembling with a cut & sew production method, then applying the labels and branding such as print or embroidery. This takes up material and labor cost going into the project. We are not simply using already made blank garments. Everything is made to order therefore there are NO REFUNDS. When approving the physical sample you’re committed to producing the project. By reading this agreement you understand there are no refunds when receiving your full order of product.

Canceling A Project

If you need to cancel the project before wholesale production you will be charged for the quantity of samples made. Samples can range from $150 – $500 per physical sample. You will be able to keep the physical sample and digital product concept for future use within the cancellation fee. There is also a cancellation fee for the time our team spends project managing and organizing information which would be in addition to the physical sample cost. The standard cancellation fee per project is $250 + the physical sample cost of $150 – $500.


All disputes must be handled through email with photos, description of what went wrong and proposal for resolution. Please allow our team to figure out what would be the next step to cater both parties. If there happens to be quality defects or mistakes of the wholesale order we will remake the goods rather refund.


We do not allow returns on products that had physical samples / proofs / sew-outs that you approved. Visionary Manufacturing LLC is responsible for focusing on the specifications of that proof and maintaining quality control. You have a chance to make alterations to your order during the proof and sample stage before we start producing the wholesale amount of products.

Outcome of your product creation

We are not responsible for your personal liking of the outcome of your product creation. That is something that should be thought about during the design / sample stages of the product development. You will receive a physical sample before the wholesale process to ensure you’re happy with the product design going into wholesale development.


We are not able to refund any type of graphic design work that our team provided. The time that our designer put into the project is non-refundable.

Physical Sample

Our team will provide one physical sample before going into production to make sure everything is aligned with what you’re wanting to create. Cut and sew orders do take time, sometimes up to six months when there are more than 3 rounds of samples per product design. You need to keep in mind this is apart of development. We will not refund cut and sew orders for being late that are done within six months if you request to make several physical prototype samples. It’s up to you to schedule your projects a season ahead. It’s recommended to be 6 months ahead of a seasonal schedule when developing cut & sew. If you’re not happy with the timing of development, it would be best to create items utilizing our stock blank garments.

Shipping Addresses

Visionary Manufacturing is not responsible for making sure the shipping address you send us is correct, we are responsible for shipping to the address you provide us. Any type of defects during shipping or delays must be resolved with the shipping company we had used. Visionary is not able to help customer service problems that these shipping company’s could create. DHL, USPS, UPS and Fedex are responsible with helping you with shipment problems.

Fitting or Measurement Problem

If there is a fitting or measurement problem with the wholesale order received we need a photo with a ruler or tape measure showcasing what was provided. You can also reference the first physical sample you received to show us that the measurements are off. Our goal is always to provide you a product that fits the way you’re intending. These are the benefits of producing a cut & sew garment.

Project Production

We have factory’s in the US and all over the world to produce your project to the best quality. If you want a refund because you find out your project was made overseas we will decline. Please ask your representative where your project is made before moving into sample production if this is a concern to your business. The built up relationships with our factories is the major advantage of working with our team. Visionary Manufacturing is capable of being a one stop shop because of all the suppliers we utilize.

Style Fabric & Color

If you make a collection of goods with us we will do our best to match each style fabric to each color you’re wanting. For example, if you order red nylon jackets and red cotton t-shirts we will match the materials best we can. We will not allow cancellations or refund request in this instance. We are product suppliers, not scientist.

Sample Refunds

There are no refunds when simply ordering samples. If there are minor changes needed that is apart of the product development process. You can make those changes to the wholesale production order or you would order another sample. Most likely if we made such a big error we will take responsibility in remaking you another sample for no charge. It’s our goal to produce full orders of 50+ units of product. We do not make money on sample development.

Spelling & Artwork-Graphics

We are not responsible for knowing the spelling or artwork sent over to be correct. We will use what is submitted by you to produce your project. You are responsible for sending all artwork placements exactly how you want them to be branded onto the garment.

Quality check

Our team will quality check the goods before the shipment is made, but if there are any defected products, you are responsible for advising our team within 7 days of receiving. We will help you resolve the problem if it is brought to our attention in that time frame. If not, it could be the way you are handling or storing the goods and we can not take responsibility. If you let us know something was defective even 8 days after receiving, we have the right to decline the refund because you had miscommunicated. Please check the quality of the goods within 1-3 days of receiving the product and we will help you with any problems you face.

New to cut & sew development?

Visionary Manufacturing helps a lot of people that are new to developing cut & sew. Our team hears “I am new to this” as an excuse too often and at this point we are declining negative reasoning to the service we are providing to be behind this excuse. If you are new to cut & sew development, ask our team as many questions as you have to be on the same page. Each sample round can take up to 2 months per sample because we are making the garment from raw material. The fact that you are new to this, does not speed up the process nor make it an excuse to be mad at our team for timing issues. If we told you the sample is going to take 8 weeks and we are on track for that, there is no excuse that you’re unhappy with how things are going. By reading this contract you know how long the process can take if we develop several samples. Our team has the right to cancel projects at any given time if we are feeling the customer does not understand our process or does not have the patience to finish it out. You will be charged a cancellation fee of $250 + the physical sample cost which can range from $150-$500.

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